Tara Zaal

Photography has always been a very important part of my life.  As cliché as it sounds, it’s how I capture my memories. I can pour through past albums for hours and it only feels like a moment.  The changes in my life become more remarkable as I flip the pages. It tells a story and it creates a greater appreciation for those sharing my story, past and present.  

I spent some time in Victoria and Vancouver before returning to the Comox Valley.  I feel so fortunate to return to my hometown to raise my family.  We live in such a beautiful place. I have two lovely, quirky and talented children.  I love wedding photography but naturally my family is my favourite to photograph.  As much as I desire the perfect family photo of my own, it’s the obnoxious, goofy, impromptu ones that always become my favourites. 

Photography moved from my hobby to a profession in 2008 when I created Comox Valley Home Tours – real estate photography and virtual tours. Today my company is now a team, which allows me to dedicate more time towards photographing families and weddings.  It’s been a truly wonderful experience since I feel like I’m watching the stories of these families as they visit me year after year to capture their own memories.  I don’t feel like I’m the photographer. I feel like I’m part of their lives, watching them change and grow with each session. I can’t thank my clients enough letting me be part of something as special as their own story.